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Packbat's Journal

Just put it in the belfry.

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Robin Zimmermann
1 July 1985
I, like many others, cannot in good conscience accept the new Livejournal terms of service. You can find me on Dreamwidth.

I am a college student with a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's of Science degree at the University of Maryland, working on a Ph.D. at the same institution. I am an incorrigible fan of online comics and blogs, a strictly-amateur poet, and a halfway-competent artist. In addition, I play the piano, DDR, and a lot of online chess - both GameKnot and Facebook. (I used to play NationStates, but I kept forgetting to log on. Ditto, Second Life) I am also, alongside active_apathy (who is another one of those awesome Australian LJers), maintainer of possibly the only active Livejournal Nomic game, nomicide. If you don't know what that means ... well, take a gander. We're always welcoming new players.

I can occasionally be found on forums and such as "peri_renna" (sometimes without the underscore), but did not choose that name for my LJ because it's actually from a book; in fact, peri_renna is a sockpuppet of mine on LJ, made to segregate politics from less controversial issues like religion (eighth down on the page). Another old handle is "umpelty" – AIM, Yahoo!, etc. Also, I choose to go by "Robin Z" on the Internet Infidels Discussion Board – for some reason it felt more appropriate. (Also: Packbat on both Everything2 and del.icio.us.)

I used to have my GMail address, robin.zimm at (you can fill in the rest), on this User Info page, but I'm taking it down in hopes of getting less spam.

Also, this Geek Code block is (probably) obsolete. The OmniCode block under it is more current.

Version: 3.12
GE d-@ s: a--->-- C++>+ U* P L E? W++
N? o? K? !w O? M+ V? PS+(++) PE(-) Y? PGP-
t 5? X? R tv-- b++ DI D G e+ h! !r z-

-----OmniCode Version 0.1.7-----
sxy cm170 kg68 sk9A6156 ha000000.afro ey2D2010 es{R}O&{L}o Ag1985
anE.German&A.? hdd Lo39.01,-77.05 GM-5DN rl!.Metaphysical_Naturalist
LAEN(9)&AL.Lapine(1) CrL(9) EdE(8).Mechanical;University_Grad

One more sign of my descent into Internet culture: a couple of those little "support buttons":

Charles Darwin Has A PosseSave the Net

Finally, I am (no longer - Jan '08) a member of convert_me. If you are interested in learning what I believe, or telling me I'm wrong, my convert_me challenge is here (and reposted on my journal here).

Friending Etiquette: I have no clue. Feel free to friend me; if I notice, I'll probably friend you back.

Also, please tell me: Truth or Happiness?
airplanes, aliens, ambigrams, anthro art, anthropology, archaic slang, arrant pedantry, art, artificial intelligence, artificial life, artwork, blogs, books, calligraphy, camping, chess, chiptunes, classical music, cognitive dissonance, comic books, comic strips, comics, commentary, communication, computers, conlangs, craft of writing, creative writing, creativity, critical thinking, dance dance revolution, ddr, design, drawing, drawings, dreams, eccentricity, engineering, essays, ethnography, evolution, expression, fantasies, fantasy, feminism, fiction, flying, folk music, furry art, fuzzy logic, geeks, go, graphic arts, graphic novels, hiking, history, humor, interactive fiction, internet, journaling, kibitzing, language, libraries, life, linguistics, literary criticism, literature, livejournal, lycanthropy, lynx, machine intelligence, machine learning, macs, mad science, magic, magic: the gathering, mechanical engineering, monty python, mtg, music, mysteries, narbonic, nationstates, nomic, note-taking, novels, online comic strips, online comics, online manga, pedantry, philosophy, photography, physics, piano, poems, poetry, politics, pool, procrastinating, quality writing, ragtime, reading, red dwarf, religion, rhetoric, rhyming, rock, role-playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, science, science fiction, scrabble, semantics, shakespeare, singing, smart people, snark, snarkiness, societies, solipsism, space travel, spaceships, speculative fiction, starbuck avenger, storytelling, symmetry, technology, the chainsaw blokes, the turing test, thinking, transformation, transformation story archive, truth, typewriters, typography, video games, virtual reality, vocabulary, wargames, watership down, webcomics, websnark, wit, words, words of one beat, world war two, writing

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