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Austin Day 3: Minimum Tourist Mode - Packbat's Journal
Saturday, Jul. 17th, 2010
12:43 am
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Austin Day 3: Minimum Tourist Mode
Today was relaxation and shopping. The morning began with a Macy's where Grandma wanted to get sheets - I wandered the mall, taking a few photos and looking at the game stores - and proceeded from there out to a Frys with the facade decorated like the keyboard end of a grand piano.

After that was lunchtime, where we discovered that Google Maps on my iPhone doesn't know about Grandma's favorite Schlotzsky's. Grandma and Dad each had sandwiches; I tried their Mediterranean pizza. (Much to my irritation, Dad decided he wanted the free dessert from answering a survey and called the number before the food even arrived. Given that this got us a free Cinnabon, though, I'm inclined to forgive.)

From Schlotzsky's, we went to the Target near Grandma's house for a few essential supplies. Thence home, where I spent the afternoon productively with her NES. (I seem to have picked up some mad Mega Man 2 skills somewhere - I rocked all the way into Wily's castle twice, first on Normal and second on Difficult. Defeating Wily, that will require a little more time.)

Anyway: tomorrow, we'll be heading out to visit Grandpa, stopping by the historic automobile museum on the way. Update may be delayed.

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Date:2010/07/20 0553 (UTC)
why would it be annoying that your dad called while waiting for the food to arrive? That's brilliant!
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Date:2010/07/20 1313 (UTC)
If I were a surveyor, I'd want to know the respondent's reaction to the food they were served that day.
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Date:2010/07/21 0135 (UTC)
ah...true enough. Maybe your dad gave the food and service high marksin exchange for a freebie dessert :)
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