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FE Exam yesterday! - Packbat's Journal
Sunday, Apr. 18th, 2010
09:08 am
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FE Exam yesterday!
For those of you who are not engineers: professional licensure in engineering is a four-step process - first, you obtain an engineering education (currently a Bachelor's degree, although I have heard a rumor that this will grow to a Master's in a decade or so); second, you take the eight-hour Fundamentals of Engineering exam to become an Engineer-In-Training; third, you obtain five years working experience in a position of responsibility; and fourth, you take the eight-hour Principles and Practice in Engineering exam to become a P.E.

The first I completed some time ago, and the second ... well, it will be approximately 120 days before I know, but I think I did well!

...and then I went home and slept like a log. (After checking the Interwebs, of course.) (:

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Date:2010/04/18 1607 (UTC)
I'm finishing up step three and moving on to step four next year. Did you take General for the first four hours and General also for the second or General/Mechanical?
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Date:2010/04/18 1617 (UTC)
They've changed the names to Other and Mechanical, but I took Mechanical - I wanted to avoid the biology questions. Of course, I ended up with the HVAC questions instead, but I managed - nearly everything else was stuff I was already knowledgeable about.
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Date:2010/04/20 0419 (UTC)
Ah, I was going to ask what KIND of engineering! Mechanical, then? What do you want to do with it?
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Date:2010/04/20 1025 (UTC)
I have no idea - I like teaching, though!
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