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Soldier tortured into signing away disability benefits - Packbat's Journal
Wednesday, Apr. 14th, 2010
09:43 pm
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Soldier tortured into signing away disability benefits
Joshua Kors tells the story.

Luther insisted to doctors at Camp Taji that he did not have personality disorder, that the idea of developing a childhood mental illness at the age of 36, after passing eight psychological screenings, was ridiculous. The sergeant used a vivid expression to convey how much pain he was in. "I told them that some days, the pain was so bad, I felt like dying." Doctors declared him a suicide risk. They collected his shoelaces, his belt and his rifle and ordered him confined to an isolation chamber.

Extensive medical records written by Luther's doctors document his confinement in the aid station for more than a month. The sergeant was kept under twenty-four-hour guard. Most nights, he says, guards enforced sleep deprivation, keeping the lights on and blasting heavy metal music. When Luther rebelled, he was pinned down and injected with sleeping medication.

Eventually Luther was brought to his commander, who told him he had a choice: he could sign papers saying his medical problems stemmed from personality disorder or face more time in isolation.

I can't even joke about this. It's horrible, pure horror.

Edit: Link via ceruleanst, here.

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Date:2010/05/28 1225 (UTC)
I've long felt our country didn't do enough to support its soldiers once they couldn't be soldiers anymore. But this is even worse than I had realized. Now they can't even access the already inadequate health and disability benefits?!
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Date:2010/05/28 1520 (UTC)
The depressing thing is: to what degree is our country getting worse vs merely being caught more?
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