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Tomb of Horrors, Attempt 1 - Packbat's Journal
Tuesday, Apr. 13th, 2010
08:54 pm
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Tomb of Horrors, Attempt 1
I visited the Tomb of Horrors for the first time today!

I think I may go back sometime, if only to see if I can make it out of the iron box with three levers - so don't tell me anything that happens next! (Or even lie about it, actually - that always makes me uncomfortable when I think I've been "spoiled".)

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Date:2010/04/15 0033 (UTC)
"Visited" implies "entered and left." Don't you mean "died in"? ;-)

I would love to see a running tally of character deaths as you explore. If only so we know what's no longer a spoiler!
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Date:2010/04/15 0120 (UTC)
Well, I did leave - just in a downwards direction at somewhat over 40 m/s. (-:

Sure, I can report if I make it in again - I'll put my latest death behind a cut if I think it'll be spoilery.
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Date:2010/04/15 0155 (UTC)
When I finally slotted "Tomb of Horrors" in my ongoing campaign, it was in the form of an illusory dungeon in a tiny sub-plane which would simply spit you back out into the real world when you died in it. I tend to run epic campaigns with world-shaping heroes, and, frankly, to have that many world-pivotal PC's just up and die would be terribly upsetting to the story.

I had very little hope that anyone would just charge through without dying at least once. That's... just how the module is built, as you have by now doubtless seen.

All that said, it's not *the* most viciously atmospheric pre-printed adventure I know -- "Labyrinth of Madness" has that honor, but it simply doesn't enjoy the same classic status as "Tomb..." does.
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Date:2010/04/15 0223 (UTC)
It's somewhat odd that that is so, actually - judging from my hour or two of careful exploration, it's the atmosphere that actually makes the module, not its notorious character-killing powers.

And yes, I wouldn't run Tomb of Horrors for real if I had real world-shakers-and-movers as PCs. A character would have to be crazy or desperate to go in there.
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