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The Chocolate Dilemma - LJ version. - Packbat's Journal
Sunday, Mar. 7th, 2010
12:24 pm
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The Chocolate Dilemma - LJ version.
Poll #1534953 The Chocolate Dilemma

There is a sack of chocolate and you have two options: either take one piece from the sack to yourself, or take three pieces which will be given to Dylan. Dylan also has two options: one pieces for himself or three to you. After you both made your choices independently each goes home with the amount of chocolate he collected.

Take three pieces for Dylan.
Take one piece for yourself.

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Date:2010/03/07 1820 (UTC)
It's just like it says in my bio: generosity and patience are ruthlessly pragmatic.
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Date:2010/03/07 1935 (UTC)
Indeed. Too many clever people believe that a simple analysis can be fearlessly applied in situations with complex interactions - such can breed ignorance of the strength gained by adherence to the true virtues.
Date:2010/03/07 1829 (UTC)
Maybe it's because I live with someone who doesn't like chocolate, but I've got lots of questions. Does Dylan like chocolate? (I think it's funny that if it said "Susan" I'd probably assume Susan does, but Dylan being a guy could go either way.) How much chocolate is there? If I don't take any chocolate for myself is it going in the trash? Does someone else need the chocolate even more than Dylan and I? Is Dylan diabetic? How old is Dylan? How stressed out am I? Is there coca cola to go with this chocolate? Why can't I take 1 piece for me and give Dylan 2?...

Dammit, I'm just taking my chocolate - this poll is stressing me out. If Dylan doesn't take any for himself I'll gladly give him some of the chocolate he took for me.
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Date:2010/03/07 1939 (UTC)
That's the chief problem with philosophical hypotheticals - they do not account for the correct variables.

The spirit of the exercise would suggest that the reward is desired by both parties (Dylan likes chocolate, no countervailing effects) and that the reward is lost if not taken (the rest of the bag goes in the trash, and the chocolate cannot be transferred after it is taken). But this makes the situation quite artificial.
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Date:2010/03/07 2038 (UTC)

Achilles' heel

Normally i'd be an altruist, but, but, chocolate!

Nice angle, turning it from evading disaster to gaining unnecessary luxury.
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Date:2010/03/07 2154 (UTC)

Re: Achilles' heel

I would love to see a study comparing apparently equivalent dilemmas like these. It would be like finding out the best placebo!
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