Robin Zimmermann (packbat) wrote,
Robin Zimmermann

Middle Ages Survival Rate

Shamus Young suggested a question today: how long would you have lived if your life was in the Middle Ages?
Ignore all the general risks - like typhoid or the plague or cholera - that everyone would have faced in general. Let’s assume you were lucky and missed those. (Unless by some chance you actually DID face one of them in your life.) Also ignore the fact that your deadly injury might have been caused by modern technology, like an auto accident. Just pretend you were trampled by a horse or something. So, given the injuries and illness you’ve faced in your life so far: Did you make it? Would you have survived to your current age?

For the record? I'd be a definite Darwin Award.

ETA 20070718T0941-0400: Shamus Young has a live-dead count on his blog, now – for this one, we got:
IntactNone so far.
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