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In Austin! - Packbat's Journal
Wednesday, Jul. 14th, 2010
10:49 pm
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In Austin!
After packing last night, I went to bed far too late and woke up at 7 to be ready to go by 8. The plan to get to Austin was straightforward: Dad & I had tickets for an 11:30 flight to Tampa Bay (where we would get a 3:15 transfer to Austin), so we needed to be on the subway by 9 to catch an early enough shuttle. We beat that time by a good margin: in fact, we were in Greenbelt by 9 and caught an earlier shuttle to make BWI with hours to spare.

Where, in exchange for travel vouchers, we opted to catch the direct flight from BWI to Austin at 3 instead. This meant a long wait at BWI - long enough to get bored, buy a $5 "Motor Trend" magazine, get bored with it, walk the entire length of the concourse, buy a slice of pizza, play with my iPhone, and get quite bored. Finally, we boarded the 3:00 flight, where I, to my great pleasure, found myself seated next to a most interesting and entertaining person, one Linnea Duff. In the midst of discussing teaching methods, graphical interpretations of calculus, the administrative policies of the Boy Scouts of America, the history of social justice in the United States, and other subjects and sundry, we exchanged URLs. Dad & I disembarked at Austin as she went on, so I bade her farewell, snatched up my carry-on, and departed with Dad to pick up the checked luggage (which had come in half an hour earlier on the Tampa flight).

Grandma picked us up at the airport, and we spent a little while trying to repair a broken remote and watching "Man Vs. Food" on cable. After, we met up with my aunt, uncle, and cousin to go to Tres Amigos for some tasty, tasty dinner. Finally, we watched an episode of "Big Brother" that Grandma had wanted to record and separated to our various beds.

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Date:2010/07/21 0017 (UTC)

the pleasure was mine...

Robin, what fun to see your post. Having you sit beside me was most fortuitous. I will be checking in occasionally--I expect great things from you! Linnea
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Date:2010/07/21 0342 (UTC)

Re: the pleasure was mine...

I'll try not to disappoint. :)
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